Alabama Chronicles: The Barber and the Rev

Nelson Malden was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s barber when he lived in Montgomery, Alabama. In The Barber and the RevMalden tells his story and shares his reflections on King's life and death. This is part of a series exploring the civil rights movement in Alabama from the perspectives of lesser known activists called Alabama Chronicles. Production sound mixing and audio editing by Mark Gunnery for Center for Emerging Media.


Videos from the Baltimore Uprising

The following videos were co-directed and co-produced by Mark Gunnery and Stefanie Mavronis for the Center for Emerging Media. Mark did the interviews, audio editing, and editorial advising, and Stefanie shot and edited the video.

Baltimore Youth: "We Are Not Thugs" (2015)

During the Baltimore Uprising, young people in demonstrated against police violence in a number of ways, including street protests, cultural programming, and fighting with police. This video features a few of the events, including a student protest on April 30, 2015, and the induction of fifteen youth into the Tosh Roots Reggae Youth Cohort, part of the Youth Resiliency Institute’s Baltimore Guitarists Against Violence Program, on May 2, 2015.


Voices of the Freddie Gray Protest (2015)

A two-part series featuring people protesting against the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the Baltimore police on Saturday, April 25, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland.