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Podcasts & Radio

by Mark Gunnery

A collection of original audio podcasts and radio segments produced, recorded, edited, and hosted by Mark Gunnery for the Center for Emerging Media and The Marc Steiner Show, broadcast on Baltimore NPR affiliate, WEAA 88.9FM.

To hear more current work produced by Mark for The Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU 88.5FM, click here.

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  • 8:58
    The morning of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, activists from Baltimore Bloc, Black Lives Matter DC, and Movement for Black Lives blockaded a security checkpoint, effectively shutting down one of the entrances to the event. Here are some of the sounds from that protest.
  • 26:52
    Audre Lorde described herself as a “Black lesbian mother warrior poet.” In honor of her birthday, I spoke with Baltimore artists, activists, academics and performers about her life and impact, and ask them to share some of their favorite writings of Lorde's. With: Rev. Merrick Moise, Kalima Young, Abdu Ali, Dr. Karsonya “Kaye” Wise Whitehead, and Michelle Antoinette Nelson aka LOVE the Poet.
  • 4:58
    In 2014, a recording of one of John Coltrane's final concerts was released. Called "Offering: Live at Temple University," it offers a rare glimpse at where Coltrane and his band was heading musically in the final months of his life. This is an appreciate and review of that album.
  • 54:41
    In the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the Baltimore police, thousands of Baltimore residents demonstrated against police brutality in what became known as the Baltimore Uprising. I interviewed people at those protests, including residents of Sandtown-Winchester, where Gray lived, students, politicians, spiritual leaders and activists. Co-produced by Stefanie Mavronis.
  • 53:38
    The staff of the Marc Steiner Show discusses our favorite music of 2016. We discussed the importance of uplifting music in difficult times, hear hip hop, experimental, and folk protest songs, and remember artists who passed away this year like Lor Scoota and Phife Dawg. With: Imani Spence, Calvin Perry, Nadia Ramlagan, and Stefanie Mavronis.
  • 24:30
    The Marc Steiner Show crew talks about 2017's Grammy nominations. We discuss artists like Chance the Rapper, Solange, Beyonce, D.R.A.M., David Bowie, Kanye West, and PJ Harvey. Hosted by Marc Steiner and featuring Imani Spence.
  • 20:41
    On September 12, 2016, Donald Trump spoke at the Baltimore Convention Center, while his supporters and opponents rallied outside. I spoke to Trump voters and the people protesting his speech, including two former Bernie Sanders supporters who are now behind Trump.
  • 28:36
    "Multiple Maniacs," John Waters' 1970 film about crime, jealousy, madness, religion, and giant lobsters, was recently restored and rereleased by Janus Films and The Criterion Collection. I spoke with some of the cast and crew of "Multiple Maniacs" about the impact of the 1968 Baltimore riots on the film, Divine's performance in it, and the influence Waters' early films had on younger LGBTQ generations. With: John Waters, Vincent Peranio, and Susan Lowe.
  • 14:54
    TT the Artist is a Baltimore artist and musician. She sings, raps, directs music videos, organizes queer performance nights and more. I spoke with her about her music, the importance of queer spaces in the aftermath of the Orlando attack, and her latest album, "Queen of the Beat."
  • 27:46
    Isaac Oliver is a performer and author of the book "Intimacy Idiot," a collection of humorous personal essays about the "awkward, sweaty, slutty life" of a young gay man in New York City. I spoke to Isaac about the book, Tinder, reading sad books, and the strange final season of "Roseanne."
  • 27:54
    The novel "Ulysses" delves into the minds of several Dublin characters as they go about their day on June 16, 1904. James Joyce fans across the globe celebrate each June 16th with Bloomsday celebrations, where they read from the text. I discussed Ulysses on Bloomsday 2016 with Zein El-Amine, activist and host of the radio show Shay Wa Nana on WPFW. He teaches at the University of Maryland, where he leads literary study abroad programs to Ireland and Morocco. Two of Zein's students, Charlie O’Melia and Jonathan Offenberg, also joined us.
  • 54:08
    The Marc Steiner Show crew kicks off the summer with a Memorial Day music special. Stefanie Mavronis and I share some of our favorite music. We talked about the joys of watching music videos and listening to music on vinyl, the first Prince song I ever heard, and hip hop production in 2016.
  • 27:48
    Black Dirt Farm is a small-scale diversified agroecological farm in Preston, Maryland. It is on land that Harriet Tubman once lived on, and where she once liberated her parents and nine other people from. I spoke with Blain Snipstal, a farmer and co-owner and co-operator of Black Dirt Farm, about the history of the land, his thoughts about farming, and the Black Church Food Security Network. Co-produced by Stefanie Mavronis.
  • 10:36
    In April 1968, Baltimore residents responding to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination with protests and rioting. I spoke with philosopher Dr. Robert Birt, who was a young boy at the time about his reflections on the riots in light of the 2015 Baltimore Uprising.
  • 30:15
    Baltimore is both a deeply racially segregated city and a city with thriving and innovative arts and music scenes. As part of an ongoing conversation about race and the arts on the Marc Steiner Show, I host a conversation with local musicians, writers and artists about creating spaces for Black, people of color, queer, and women performers in a segregated city. With: Abdu Ali, musician and writer; Jenné Afiya, founder of Balti Gurls; Lawrence Burney, writer and editor of True Laurels; and Dylan Ubaldo, founder of the Llamadon Collective.
  • 53:22
    In a special New Years Eve edition of The Marc Steiner Show, Stefanie Mavronis and I host a conversation about our favorite music of 2015. We talked about how musicians responded to the Black Lives Matter movement, some of our favorite female MCs, and the progression of a beat from D.R.A.M. to Drake to Erykah Badu.
  • 2:58
    On October 19, 2015, demonstrators organized by City Bloc disrupted the City Council meeting where Kevin Davis was confirmed as Police Commissioner of Baltimore, and then marched from City Hall to McKeldin Square. This piece features sound from the protest, including the voices of City Bloc organizer Makayla Gilliam-Price, activist and alum of the Intersection Dawnya Johnson, and Baltimore resident and Goucher student Arthur.​ Co-produced by Stefanie Mavronis.
  • 23:24
    In the first installment of a two-part special on Jewish music I speak with members of the Klezmatics, one of the most popular klezmer bands in the US. Band members Lorin Sklamberg and Frank London discuss Yiddish culture and music, Jewish spirituality and politics, and the cultural boycott of Israel.
  • 24:10
    In the second part of a two part series on Jewish music, I speak with two founding members of the Brooklyn-based rock group the Shondes, Louisa Solomon, lead vocalist and bassist, and Eli Oberman, who plays violin and sings harmony. They discuss their music, the ethics of political engagement as musicians and Jews, and their support of the cultural boycott of Israel.
  • 4:24
    Every Wednesday, the family of Tyrone West, a man who died at the hands of Baltimore Police, protests against police brutality. I went to one of their weekly demonstrations, where people also rallied in solidarity with Michael Brown and Anthony Anderson. With: Michael Travis Wiggins-Bey, Tawanda Jones and Brendon Joyner. Winner of the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association’s 2015 award for Outstanding Use of Sound.
  • 13:52
    In March, 2013, a Baltimore homeless encampment under the Jones Falls Expressway called Camp 83 was evicted. I interviewed residents of Camp 83 and advocates for housing insecure people. Co-produced by Stefanie Mavronis.